Welcome to Warren

SOME years ago, when Norwich Union (now Aviva) announced that it was leaving its offices at the Warren, in Hill Barn Lane, the Herald kindly published my letter, as an ex-employee of NU, to charge Worthing Council with helping to get another large company to take on this highly-desirable office facility and, hopefully, employ as many local people as possible.

Since then, we have had the bank bail-out and a borrow-till-we-drop government causing a big recession of our economy, so the hope of another large institution settling at the Warren was probably a “bridge too far” at the moment.

The good news is that, as reported in last week’s Herald, our local Worthing College is proposing to move to the Warren site and refurbish the building and I for one wish them all the luck in the world as it will make use of and preserve this site for Worthing and the future.

Roger Hunter

Sherbrooke Close