‘Well done...’

THURSDAY in Worthing: I was sitting on a seat near to M&S, waiting for my friend, when an elderly lady came and sat next to me.
We smiled and I noticed that blood was dripping from her leg, at the back, just above the ankle area.

I said “Oh dear, you are dripping blood?”, fished for a packet of tissues and handed her some – she was telling me that she had been to buy her grandson some golf balls and (presumably the down) the escalator tore the back of her leg – she said “they” stopped the escalator for her but clearly she either “didn’t want a fuss” or maybe they didn’t offer to help clean her up but I was, by now, very concerned because the blood flow wasn’t being staunched by my pressure.

My friend arrived and we agreed that she needed more than our help. My friend went straight into Superdrug (just behind us on the bench that we were seated on) and in a very short time came back with the chemist (Ali, on his badge) who had rummage quickly for bandages in his “freebie draw”, kneeled on the pavement in front of the lady gloved up, and gently and tenderly bandaged the leg. She was embarrassed by the attention but clearly glad that it had been dealt with. She said that she would be fine getting her bus home and we all went our separate ways.

We only know that the name badge on the pharmacist’s coat showed Ali. What the lady’s name is I know not but my friend and I wish to remain “anonymous” because Ali was certainly the star. Well done, Superdrug, for having such a lovely pharmacist.

Polly McRae,

Janet Austin

Washington Road