Well done UKIP for election success

Congratulations Mike Glennon, Trixie Hall and Lionel Parsons, who were elected as UKIP representatives on West Sussex County Council.

I think there are many reasons people are voting UKIP, not least of all due to the perceived fear that wind farms and housing projects are set to spoil the beautiful Sussex countryside and coastline.

Many local folk distrust central Government policy of a presumption of “right to build”, which seems to favour builders over local people’s interests.

UKIP are seen as the “people’s party” that actually want to see much less centralised Government; a complete withdrawal from the European Union and more power returned to local authorities.

Surely this has to be good for communities up and down the land who have felt ever more disenfranchised over the years – and less inclined to bother to vote as a result.

Kirk Dickenson

Cote Street