What a difference

Having recently visited Eastbourne I would now like to encourage Mr Yallop to spend some of his expense money on taking all our councillors there for a day trip.

As my husband and I walked from one end of the prom to the marina and were struck by the differences between our two towns.

A few month ago I remember a young girl writing to the council urging them to put recycling stations in the town, she was told this couldn’t happen.

Eastbourne has recycling stations all along the prom.

We are told that the council can’t keep our gardens and grass verges up to the normally standard due to lack of funds. Eastbourne’s are beautifully kept.

Everywhere we looked there were people sitting outside enjoying food and drink, soaking up the lovely weather. Where is our “café culture”?

We have nothing much between the pier area and the Sea Lane Café to the west.

I have been commenting on our pier now for over a year and still there is very little on it to encourage people to spent time there.

Visitors usually walk to the end and back in 10 minutes (unless you are a fisherman) and that’s that, the one at Eastbourne is full of places to shop, eat and drink where residents and visitors can spend their time and money.

Although our children are lucky to have the play area at the west end of prom, Eastbourne has several exciting themed areas along the front that the children can play in.

And to top it all, I have never seen so many people eating ice cream, happy tourists and residents.

Our local radio does its best to promote ‘I love sunny Worthing’, but when people get here (to our seaside town) what is there for them to do on our prom?

My husband and I would love sit on the pier or in a beach bar on a summer’s evening with glass on wine or two and watch the sun go down, we can’t be the only people in town that want to do that?

I get the feeling our council members don’t really want Worthing to be a thriving seaside town where people love to spend their holidays and residents are proud to live. I would be happy to be proved wrong.

Anne Farras

Orme Road