What a mobility rant

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Well, that was quite a rant about mobility scooter drivers from your columnist Duncan Barkes (March 28).

Think for just a minute. Have you never stopped dead in the middle of a pavement, suddenly remembered you needed to go somewhere and veered sharply?

There are thoughtless people who ride mobility scooters, walk, cycle and push buggies. Most people are just very busy and wrapped up in what they have to do. They really do not intend to inconvenience you. We all need to be a little more patient in life.

We should also remember that mobility scooters, like wheelchairs and buggies, are not particularly easy to manoeuvre. Maybe we should look at ourselves more closely rather than blame scooter drivers.

Most of them are elderly or disabled and need them to get around. The few who are just fat and lazy are sometimes a pest but we have to be sorry for them.

Fancy having allowed yourself to get so fat by gross over-eating that you need a scooter to get around!

Susanna Humphreys

Meadow Road