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Your letters

Ian Hart never fails to amaze me. In his sports column (Harty) he writes: “I witnessed one of the most distasteful episodes in history of domestic football.”

Referring to the sacking of Manchester United’s manager David Moyes, his dismissal was nothing short of disgusting he said.

Surely Harty, your memory is not that bad, have you forgotten the disgraceful manner in which Brigthon sacked their manager Gus Poyet just one year ago in which he was given the news of his dismissal by a fellow pundit on live television on BBC Match of the Day.

He was supposedly sacked for misconduct, but it has never been revealed what he was supposed to have done wrong. Poyet achieved far more for Brighton than David Moyes did for Man U.

He took them from the depths of League One to the brink of the Premiership in four years. Moyes took the champions of the Premiership to an unacceptable league position for a club as big as Man U.

Stan Mayle

Alinora Crescent


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