What about the tailgate drivers?

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Recently, I got to thinking about this 20’s Plenty issue, something that is frequently written about in the Herald.

I remembered what my driving instructor drummed into me (admittedly many moons ago) was the word ‘anticipation’.

He would tell me time and time again to remember to anticipate the actions of other road users and different situations one comes up against on the road.

I believe this advice has remained with me, especially now as I often witness the stupidity of some inconsiderate road-users. I consider the lack of anticipation is a major factor with several incidents on the road.

In my opinion, it is not just the motorist that needs lessons in being aware, but also pedestrians and cyclists need to pay better attention when using roads, busy or not, there are potential dangers and hazards everywhere, and need to be approached with caution.

For the people urging the 20’s Plenty bill to be passed, there is a question I would like to ask them – when I am driving and keeping to a speed limit I am frequently intimidated by being tailgated to drive over the speed limit, how are these inconsiderate drivers going to react to 20mph, by flouting the law like they already do?

An issue to me is cyclists weaving in an about pedestrians in the town centre, cycling up behind people and whizzing by.

This I regard as a blatant disregard to their fellow man and the police. On roads I anticipate the dangers, but when out walking on pavements and pedestrian precincts, I do not anticipate the actions of selfish cyclists who could easily run into me and knock me down.

Carol Price

Devonport Road,


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