What benefits from the sand?

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I write in reply to the letter from George Dixon regarding the proposed temporary sand beach in South Street Square (letters, April 4).

Mr Dixon suggests erecting stocks “to enable us to throw bad eggs at the councillors who have suggested the idiotic idea”. He concludes by asking the council for a response.

I wish to assure readers that this idea was not suggested by councillors, nor will it be funded by council-tax payers.

This proposal was actually made by representatives of the Worthing Business Improvement District, which is funded by business owners in our town centre.

It is great to see the business community working together in these difficult times for the high street.

I understand the proposed sandpit will be complemented with a wide range of family-friendly summer activities.

Local business owners hope this will encourage more visitors into the shopping areas where they will spend money. We can also expect the publicity surrounding these unusual plans to draw attention from shoppers from further afield, who might not have previously considered Worthing as a destination.

If Mr Dixon or any other readers wish to question the council over issues such as this, I am always pleased to respond to letters and emails sent directly to me at the council.

Paul Yallop

Leader, Worthing

Borough Council