What of Green Cross Code?

Most weeks in the Herald, people write in about the 20’s Plenty scheme.

But it amazes me nobody ever seems to come up with a scheme to educate people to cross roads safely, like when my children were young – they were taught the Green Cross Code.

Surely if people checked the road was safe to cross before crossing it would make a significant difference to the amount of current road accidents involving pedestrians.

Every time I drive my car, I notice the way numerous people casually cross the road, either without checking first to see if it is safe to cross, or just walk into oncoming traffic assuming the driver has seen them, or instead of using a crossing which is only a few yards away, choose to walk across a dangerous road.

There are people either on their mobile phones, or ear phones listening to music, oblivious of traffic.

The other issue I would like to point out is, when I am in a 30mph zone, I stick to the limit, I look in my rear mirror and there is often some fool tailgating me to go faster, which I find very intimidating.

So you people who are supporting the 20’s Plenty scheme, please tell me how this will be made possible.

In an ideal world, yes, but it is not.

Mrs C. Price

Devonport Road