What progress is Worthing making?

MANY will be asking how an increase of 60 per cent in the allowance for the leader of Worthing Council can be in any way justified.

Just reading through the pages of last week’s Herald, one sees a lack lustre and embarrassing failure to respond to the jubilee, highlighted by the “embarrassing farce” of the lighting of the jubilee beacon.

Ian Hart sees the town in decline “if something radical isn’t done very soon, the decline could be irreversible”.

It does not suggest that we have a council that is providing the strong and go-ahead leadership the town needs. What progress is the town making?

The Teville Gate rebuilding and the rebuilding of the new colleges seems to happening in spite of rather than because of the council.

Meanwhile, the council is providing us with an expensive iconic building for the new pool – with sub-standard facilities – and presiding over a fiasco when it comes to managing our theatres.

To suggest an increase of the leader’s allowance at a time when most are experiencing financial difficulties is most inappropriate.

People are losing their jobs because of cuts, facing painful changes in the levels and the way benefits are delivered, many are facing reduced pensions as well as having to wait longer to claim them – and the economic conditions are eroding the levels of many private pensions.

Meanwhile there is widespread anger and revulsion for the obscene increases in remuneration enjoyed by executives of leading companies. Mr Yallop admits it is likely to be very unpopular – but is apparently happy to exhibit contemptuous arrogance in ignoring the feelings of his constituents.

If the town was being managed on a performance rewarded basis, it seems that a reduction in the leader’s allowance would be more reasonable or at the very least, pinning all Councillors allowances where they are now.

Where is the provision for younger people in the town? Where is there anything to encourage younger people to move to the town? I cannot see any! A town that cannot sustain a younger population is a dying town! Where are the provisions for the less-well-off areas in Worthing? East Worthing has pitifully few free facilities for a less affluent population than West Worthing, no free parking (where you can park at all) and little to invite them there (even at the new and well publicised Splash Point, where they were promised much but have acquired little apart from skateboarders)

A council as seemingly arrogant is, to me, clearly demonstrating its total disregard for its constituents and should have to do what we are all doing – manage on what they are getting!

Mr Yallop says that 50 per cent of not a lot is still not a lot. Well, Mr Yallop and other councillors, there are many people in this town who have to EXIST on “not a lot” who would be delighted to receive a 50 per cent increase. Perhaps you could manage, as they have to, on what you get!

Even an extra £2,000 per annum would be a huge increase on some people’s income and make a tremendous difference to their lives and many of them work an awful lot harder than you do, in jobs that pay little with working conditions that you would find intolerable.

You took these positions knowing what your income from it would be, so why do you now think that you deserve so much (proportionately) more?

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court