Where were our celebrations?

WHEN will the council start to listen to the likes of Mrs Ambler, Mr Dutton, Mrs Curtis, Mr Budd, Mr Baxter and The James Family all of whom expressed their frustration at the lack of interest Worthing Council showed towards the jubilee celebrations?

The beacon was an embarrassment, another opportunity missed to promote our town on national TV.

I also agree with the reader who commented on the lack on bunting in the town centre during the celebrations. Bunting was on sale for £1 in the town – if the town’s management can afford to build a brick plinth near the pier and put a piece of “art” on it, then surely they could buy a bit of cheap bunting?

On the night of the jubilee concert, my husband and I walked along to Splash Point and then back to the town centre to try and find a pub somewhere that was showing it.

To our dismay, the promised open air screen near Splash Point was still being erected 10 minutes prior to the concert starting. So, we walked back into town, stopping at various other pubs on the way trying to find a place showing it.

The only place showing any signs of celebrating this memorable occasion was the Warwick Pub (well done to the staff and management there for making a huge effort). We ended up at the Hare and Hounds were we settled down with a glass of wine ready to enjoy the concert, but to our dismay the landlord not only had the concert showing on his big screen but the few of us that were there were also subjected to listening to the radio. We drank up and went home – he lost revenue.

I have also spoken to several families who attended the jubilee Party on the Prom this Saturday. Although the weather was not on their side, those I spoke to were very disappointed by the occasion, they agreed that it should have been held on the jubilee weekend as the “buzz” had now gone.

They were also surprised that the council had not laid on more things for the children to do. They felt let down again. The marketing of the event didn’t reflect the reality.

When you walk around our town, you get the sense that people have given up. Pubs missing opportunities to sell more food and drink, the town centre management failing to capitalise on opportunities to promote our town and encourage big businesses to set up here and the council who doesn’t seem to be listening to what the townspeople need.

Those of you who have the power to influence the decisions made about Worthing, please do something to put the energy back into the town and make it an exciting and vibrant place to live.

Anne Hobbs

Orme Road