Where were you?

REGARDING the front page article on this week’s Lancing Herald, about the “death” of Lancing and the shops, where were all these traders a couple of years ago when the current lot of “improvements” were proposed and then carried out?

Why didn’t you all do something then? I wrote to the council objecting when I saw the plans, saying that the loss of parking spaces on top of the removal of the free, two-hour disc parking would be the death of Lancing village centre.

The council replied that these improvements were what the local lancing traders wanted – I challenged them to name me three but, of course, they could not. You all should have contacted the council then and suggested some changes and improvements, not wait until it’s a fait accompli and then moan. I shop locally most days, but I know for sure I am now in the minority, when I speak to friends and work colleagues, they mostly never even go down into the village any more, people simply WILL NOT PAY to park in Lancing.

Yes, it might well cost a bit more in fuel to go to Lyons Farm or Holmbush, but the variety and lower prices more than compensate for this. Asking the few shoppers left to sign a petition two years later is just bolting the stable door after the horse has long since gone.

Wendy Taylor

Manor Road