Which line is right?

ON Wednesday, October 26, myself and my husband parked our car in the Montague Centre car park, next to TK Maxx, paid our very high parking fee and thought nothing more.

That was until we came back shopping with our two young children, my son who is just three and my baby daughter who is one, to find a ticket on our window explaining we had been given a ticket.

You would think, hang on, you paid for a ticket, but the ticket was issued under contravention code number six, which is not parking correctly within the markings of the bay.

I understand this ruling and why it is there, but when we looked at our parking we noticed that at some time they had re-sized or moved position of the bays but the old lines are still very visible, so where do you park? It’s very hard to work out which is old and new and this is not just on a few bays, it is on most of them in this car park.

We were issued with a £100 fine, and if we paid up within 14 day it would be reduced to £50. Oh my god, £50 – that’s a week’s food shopping money or new clothes for my children as they are growing so quickly. Where am I meant to find this money.

We have written a letter to say we think this fine is unfair and would like it dismissed, but I feel very doubtful that it will. I really do not know where I am going to get this money from to pay this fine if it does not get dismissed.

My husband works days and I work nights just to get by, I really do fell it is very unfair and the NCP should do something about this bay problems in the car park as people just do not have this sort of money to pay these fines which are so steep.

I just thought this might be of some interest to the readers to pre-warn them of this problem.

Carla Head

King Edward Avenue