Who decides on road policy?

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IN January this year, we contacted West Sussex County Council, asking when the road surface in Shaftesbury Avenue would be repaired.

Anyone using this road will know how both motorists and cyclists take evasive action to avoid the worst areas. WSCC left a message on our answerphone to say that “patching” work would be carried out on February 27.

We contacted them again in early May to ask why the work had not been carried out, and the hold-up was blamed on work being done by the gas company.

We were then told that the work had been rescheduled for “patching” in July, with full resurfacing later in the year.

My question is this: who actually makes the decision on which road takes priority? The reason I ask the question is because early last week I crossed the Broadwater Bridge to find that resurfacing work was to take place that day from the bridge to Sompting Avenue.

As I travelled along this road, I couldn’t see a single pothole or an uneven surface. In fact, the road surface seemed in excellent condition. So why do one that doesn’t need doing, and leave another in such a bad state that an accident is waiting to happen?

I would have thought that our safety should be the highest priority. If you don’t think so, try watching the rush-hour traffic in Shaftesbury Avenue, especially the cyclists as they try to avoid the ruts.

Phil and Mary Gilbert

Bruce Way