Why 20mph limit is ‘totally stupid’...

I WOULD like to give my reasons why I think a 20mph speed limit in Worthing’s residential roads is totally stupid.

First, may I give an example. There is more risk of an accident on the A259 between Steyne Gardens and the Old Half Brick pub, which will remain at 30mph than here where I live in Alinora Crescent.

Secondly, drivers not being used to driving at such a slow speed will have their eyes more on the speedo than on the road.

The government are planning to increase the 70mph limit on motorways to 80mph and the reasons they have given is that modern cars are more sophisticated so can stop that much quicker than they could 20 or 30 years ago; surely that must apply to town driving also?

I think if this 20mph is passed, there will be more accidents because people will take more chances crossing the road at unauthorised areas instead of using pedestrian crossings.

Stan Mayle

Alinora Crecent