Why aren’t we moving forward with theatres?

I WISH to comment on the piece in this week’s Herald about the continuing saga of our theatres.

I can’t believe that a solution to this situation is still being discussed and that no clear way forward as yet been established.

I wrote to Mr Yallop a week or so ago with my observations on how the Pavilion Theatre is being run, and how it can be improved thus generating more income and hopefully more jobs.

Although I did receive a reply from him where he stated the council will be taking back control of the theatre from the end of the month (I haven’t yet seen any jobs advertised locally for staff to work in the Denton lounge!), and that by regaining control he hoped that, “we can start to see some blue sky thinking”, your article clearly indicates that this isn’t happening at the moment.

Since writing to him, I have given further thought to my recent experience at the Pavilion Theatre and suggest further ways to improve the faciliiy and generate income...

Noboby checked our tickets as we entered the theatre, it would appear that all you need to do is buy a drink in the bar before the performance and then walk into the theatre and find an empty seat.

There wasn’t anywhere to buy sweets, programme, etc. Surely the theatre is missing a opportunity to take more money?

I felt as if no one cared if we were there or not, and as a result, our trip to the theatre lacked any excitement or atmosphere – anyone who has ever been to a theatre in London will know what I mean. I appreciate that more staff will be a further financial burden, but surely we have enough retired people in town who would happily act as volunteer ushers if given the opportunity to see the shows free of charge.

Since moving to Worthing, I have been to see several shows and on each occasion the theatre has been half empty. Surely it is better to have bums on seats at knocked down prices rather than a half empty one. At least then you have the opportunity of selling a glass of wine, pint of beer, coffee, packet of sweets or an ice cream, you cant “up sell” if people are sat at home watching the TV.

I am assured my comments have been passed onto the relevant council departments for consideration, but how hard is to implement the few things I suggest? I agree with another of your readers who states we should get involved in the running of our town and I am happy to do that, but how can we be sure our comments and suggestions are heard and implemented.

Anne Hobbs

Orme Road