Why build toilet so close to flats?

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Your letters

As a fairly near neighbour, we have been watching the erection of the Kier Waterfront building with interest.

While it looks a very attractive building with the gardens etc., whose idea was it to put up, on built-up ground, a large circular toilet within a few feet of these quite expensive flats?

Did the council insist on the site or what? Rather than put up something worthy of an exhibit of the Tate, so we can all admire it, why on earth wasn’t it located further back, or perhaps have some decorative fencing around it so it is less visible?

As for the price of entry, they can have as long as they want in the warm, rather than in the sideways of the beach huts. Or will there be no entry after dark?

Just a thought.

Also, while ‘ranting’, can the council send someone with a ‘picker stick’ to get out all the litter in the hedge on the walkway leading to the Greensward?

G. Smith

Eirene Road


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