Why churches close

IN response to Mr McMillan’s letter dated August 2 who asks why the churches are closed.

He asked does the church have difficulty in getting people into church.

Yes they do, Mr McMillan, and the following will explain why this is the case.

The U Gov Cambridge Survey April to May 2011 states that only 55 per cent of Britons consider themselves as Christians.

In fact, in the 18 to 34 years age group only 38 per cent state they consider themselves to be Christian.

No wonder the churches are closed and many permanently and some have been demolished.

However, the churches are now taking over many of our state schools.

They wish to indoctrinate our children into Christianity as they cannot get parishioners into church.

Our state schools should remain secular as we all paid our taxes into the education system.

As I am typing this letter I am watching the news about more child abuse by a priest of the Roman Catholic Church and that the hierarchy did not deal adequately with the situation.

Is it no wonder that people are leaving the church.

This is fact, not fiction.

Elaine Ansell

Ophir Road