Why cycling is good

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I WRITE in reply to Chris Gould’s letter in the Herald on August 25, regarding the Twenty is Plenty campaign.

I would specifically like to take issue with Mr Gould’s perception of the car as the only sensible way to travel. The bicycle can be a feasible mode of transport in Worthing.

I have just come back from a holiday in Copenhagen, a city in which much of the population use the bicycle for travelling to work, and around the city. Some British cities, like London, are similarly promoting the bicycle. If it is manageable in these busy places, then it is manageable in Worthing.

It is worth pointing out that it is not just young people who cycle, but a whole cross section of society. My great uncle is 81, and uses his bike regularly.

I think many people would be surprised how good an option cycling could be if they gave it a go. It is not my opinion that the car needs to be given up, just used less.

Perhaps, with diminishing stores of fossil fuels, and rising petrol prices, it will be increasingly necessary to travel on two wheels rather than four!

Stan Holt

West Way

High Salvington