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Your letters

I have been following your letters and some of the comments have really piqued my interest.

I have lived here for over 50 years and have seen many changes. However, recently, most appear to have been for the worse. The destruction of seafront, shopping centre and amenities is, to me, horrifying. I agree totally with your reader who argued so well against the plans for developing the Aquarena site, nor do I think we need another tower block at the bottom of Grand Avenue.

This prompted me to ask people why they choose to live in Worthing and my responses have been as I expected; because they were born or raised here, because of the proximity to the Downs and the sea, or because of its easy access to Brighton or London were, by far, the most common answers. However, not one single person said for the shopping, amenities, town centre or local facilities.

Equally, another writer remarked on the drab gardens and seafront and, again, she has a point. However, the one thing in common between these two letters is that any change lies in the hands of the borough council. Interestingly, at a council meeting recently, one UKIP councillor argued that the interior of the Town Hall needs repainting.

Sorry, but just how many members of the public ever enter the Town Hall? Has this councillor seen the dreadful state of the town’s theatres? WBC sold The Dome for £10. Yes, £10! The purchasers invested heavily and, in my view, this is now the most comfortable cinema in Worthing.

For theatre, it’s Eastbourne, Chichester or even Portsmouth/Southsea for me every time, unless it’s to support a charity event. The same writer who mentioned the drab seafront said to look at Eastbourne for comparison and she is right, beautiful, well-attended theatres, great leisure facilities, all you could want if you felt like moving.

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court


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