Why no bypass?

Jackie Cranfield wrote last week that ‘the idea that our contributions to Europe far outweighs our benefits is a misconception held by many’.

Well, HM Treasury (see its website) advises that the net contribution by the UK to the EU in 2011 was a little over eight-billion euros. They might be wrong!

Ms Cranfield also implies, I think, that £40 billion worth of trade might be at risk, but there is no evidence to support the assertion that this trade would go away if we were not in the EU.

I suspect that the main reason why the bypass will possibly never be built is far more political, with the Tories seeing this area as so safe they do not need to spend money, and Labour seeing this area as an unwinnable seat and, therefore, why waste money on it?

However, with no bridge and no underpass at Grove Lodge, a death is only a matter of time, and only then some improvements might be forced on the Highways Agency and the county council.

D. Price

Poulter’s Lane