Why no late buses?

I HAVE just had a most sobering, if not a little distressing, experience.

It relates to Worthing’s evening bus service or, more accurately, Worthing’s no-evening bus service.

I decided in the interests of economy, not to mention environmental concerns, to take myself to a Tuesday evening meeting, no more than a stone’s throw from Worthing Hospital, by bus. I caught the no 10 bus from the stop near my home in Tarring into central Worthing, where I changed to a Pulse bus to Worthing Hospital. I gave a friend a quick visit in the hospital, and then walked across to Link Romania for my meeting.

At the end of the formal business, knowing that the last Pulse bus would have left Worthing Hospital bus stop at 8.05pm, I walked along to the Town Hall in order to catch the no 10 bus to tarring. No bus – the last no 10 bus left South Street at 8.05pm.

The no 6 bus would have been helpful, but the last one of these left South Street at 6.35pm. So I walked home. It was a good job for me it wasn’t raining. It’s great, having a bus pass which I cannot use before 9.30am or, it seems, after 8.05pm.

It hadn’t occurred to me at the time, however, to wonder if our Worthing taxi service accepted bus passes? I must give it a try next time... or else stay at home.

Rob White

Lincoln Road