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I write in response to Oli Poole’s article on street begging.

Beggars on our streets are sadly still part of our society today and have been for many years. I believe it isn’t acceptable, nor is it right.

But shouldn’t we be asking why they are there rather than making individuals who have fallen on hard times, criminals?

Could it be the swinging cuts, have they been evicted by bailiffs, are they being driven to use food banks and the exorbitant pay day lenders?

Agreed, it isn’t right that one beggar made £300 out of kind-hearted people but several licences have been granted to people to busk and play music in our town, and so raise funds for themselves or their causes. Worthing would be a sadder place without these diversions.

As a Liberal Democrat, I have long supported Worthing Churches Homeless Projects, the local police and Neighbourhood panels over time. I am aware this is not an issue which has been overlooked nor pushed out of sight. I remember a time when the beggars were taxied into the town, and this has been addressed. We are fortunate to have many charitable organisations willing to help those in dire need, so let’s not get this issue out of perspective.

We have many invisible, isolated and lonely people in our town who need our help and attention so why not work together and campaign for them?

Hazel Thorpe


High Street


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