Why not try your church?

As our Queen and Prime Minister have publically declared their Christian faith, and as according to the last Census, more than 50 per cent of us still have some level of Christian belief, then why is it that selfish secularism, political correctness and atheism are allowed to sway public opinion including court decisions, when it is so clear that, unlike Christianity , these forces have nothing to offer that could begin to reverse our moral and economic decline as a nation.

It seems increasingly clear that without a reawakening of our Christian faith and a reassertion of a Christian work ethic and standards of behaviour, our national decline will continue, to our further detriment.

Worthing is very fortunate in having more than 60 churches providing much voluntary help in their communities and offering styles of worship to suit everyone, from the ultra formal to the very informal.

Many provide a friendly introduction to Christian faith using the widely acclaimed ALPHA course which has helped many thousands find new hope and purpose in their lives.

So as we get into this very wobbly new year, if life seems really tough or hopeless, why not try your local church for a change on Sunday?

Mike Tyler

St Raphael Road,