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Your letters

Having read the article in the Herald, I am a little confused regarding the cost of £350,000 incurred in the MSK procurement process.

The 0.2 per cent of the whole budget is £350,000 taken from the NHS. Why did the procurement process (to date) cost £350,000 and if the process is to be re-started, how much will that cost the NHS service?

Surely the CCG are employees and therefore salaried and the procurement process is an obvious part of their remit as a commissioning group. The only other party who will have incurred costs are BUPA who, as a company tendering for a service contract, are not entitled to be reimbursed for any spending incurred by them in this process.

The possibilities to mind are:

1) Third parties were recruited to assist the CCG in their procurement process.

2) Additional costs were incurred by those who were actually involved in the process within the CCG and/NHS Foundation Trust.

3) Another cost factor of which we are not aware of.

Ellie Coyle

Western Row


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