Why would academy be an improvement?

IAN Hart states that he believes the conversion of Worthing High School to Academy status will result in an improved education for the pupils.

As a parent who resides in Worthing High School catchment and will be presented with a choice of High Schools in the next school year I would be very grateful if he, the head teacher or the school governors would explain to me why they believe this.

Those who oppose conversion, who Mr Hart derides as “political points scorers”, have presented a very compelling case, stating that they believe it to be a back door privatisation of the education system which offers no tangible benefits to the pupils.

The silence has been deafening from those who took the decision to convert. With no evidence to the contrary, and without any consultation with prospective stakeholders such as ourselves, it can only be assumed that it was a decision made in accordance with the political ideology of those who made it. This is political point scoring of the highest order.

Those who champion conversion cite the benefits of freedom from local authority control and The National Curriculum, without explaining exactly how this will improve the education of my children. I will have to claim exceptional circumstances should I wish to send my children to a school outside of catchment, and I strongly suspect that a political aversion to Academies would not be accepted as sufficient reason by the Education Authority.

As a potential future stakeholder, I would very much like a detailed explanation from the governors or head teacher of Worthing High School of exactly how conversion to Academy status benefits the education of my children. Perhaps The Herald could offer them the facility to do so.

Peter Thompson

Ripley Road