Wind farm benefits

I WRITE in response to Sheena Campbell’s article on wind farms.

I, too, went to one of the E.ON exhibitions and was most impressed with the detail and care which had been taken to inform the public and answer any of their questions.

The project team were well informed and very patient.

A Community Consultation Document (CCD) containing all the information and pictures seen at the Exhibition was given to me on the way out.

I have since read and studied this in some detail and find the proposal really exciting.

If I wanted anything else explained to me, I could ring or email E.ON direct.

Mrs Marta Andreasen (MEP UKIP) suggests that E.ON are not the right people to run a consultation on their own project.

Why not? They have consulted 10 National Surveys including Bird, Marine Mammal, Commercial Fisheries, Navigation, Ecological and Engineering Surveys naming some of them.

They are already experienced in offshore wind farm technology and are committed to minimising the impact during construction which is inevitable in any such project.

Fossil fuels are fast running out and we cannot put ourselves in the position of being held to ransom by the Middle East and Russia. Renewable energy in all its forms should be our legacy to the coming generations. Being an island, we are ideally placed to make use of this ecologically clean and potentially constant source of energy.

Mrs Andreasen suggests wind is not a reliable source of energy.

I live on the coast in Sussex and believe me, there are not many days in the year when we have no wind. The wind farm is expected to supply the domestic electricity needs of 450,000 homes in West and East Sussex combined. This includes the Brighton and Hove conurbation and is approximately two thirds of the total population.

With regards to having a referendum this would be a total waste of public money which really needs to be used for more worthwhile purposes in these financially difficult times.

I would point out this whole project is being totally financed by E.ON itself. In a referendum, many people would be voting without having been to the exhibition and, therefore, not really understanding the benefits which the wind farm will provide and that the negative aspects will be only temporary.

Jacky Hetherington

Trent Road