Withdraw my nomination

I noticed in the paper this week and from a couple of phone calls from friends that my mother has nominated me for the Carer of the Year Community Stars award.

What I am about to ask is probably an unusual request, but I really would prefer for the nomination to be withdrawn.

Whilst I think that the opportunity to recognise outstanding contributions in the community is a wonderful thing and very worthwhile, I am just a daughter doing what daughters do.

It is comforting to know that my mother feels that I have made a difference in her life, but I really would not want to receive an award for it, there were many factors that have given her reason to survive.

I supported my mother emotionally, spiritually and physically during her illness as I still do and whilst I appreciate my mothers’ gratitude, I was not alone in offering her support and feel very uneasy that she has singled me out by nominating me for this award.

At the time of her diagnosis my sister was by her side and spent many hours by her bed when she was hospitalised and when she received daily treatment in Brighton.

Living closer to my mum than I do, she has offered as much support and deserves equal recognition for it.

I have spoken with my mum who now agrees that the nomination should not have been made and regrets any inconvenience or upset this may have caused.

Julie Griffiths

Ardingly Drive, Goring