Working post-65

On the news there was a piece regarding people beyond the retirement age of 65 continuing to work if they wished, which is a great idea, but does not really seem to be possible.

Personally, I did not wish to retire fully and have been retained on a part-time basis for in-house accounting, cash management and credit control.

My two main clients have now retired, so I have been looking for alternative part-time work with any businesses that need a few hours a week assistance in getting paid and exercising cash control.

It has proved virtually impossible to get back into the market, as there is no avenue to advertise your services.

I could work on a supermarket checkout if I wished, but with well over 40 years’ experience, especially in credit management, I thought there would be quite a demand for my services.

I do not want to be an employee, I do not pay National Insurance and I deal with my own tax affairs, so I thought this would make me an idea prospect.

I am only seeking about ten hours a week, but employment agencies do not want to know about part-time work and there is no other body that I am aware of that promotes this kind of service.

I could set up a credit control system and a management accounting system for the cost of about two days’ wages, but how I access the market, I have no idea and there must be a need for this kind of service.

There must be many people like myself that make up a huge pool of experience that small to medium-sized businesses could tap into, but if our government wants to promote this, it must also provide a mechanism to ensure it can happen.

Robert Turner

Beechwood Avenue