World does still have kindness

Your letters
Your letters

On August 21, my 80-year-old mother was shopping in Lancing when her shopping trolley collapsed, spilling shopping across the pavement in the area around the Co-op.

She was struggling with this and wondering how she was going to get the shopping home, she was considering a taxi but did not have any taxi numbers.

A mother and daughter approached her and started to help pick up the shopping, saying that they could not watch her struggle.

Another woman arrived with a wheeled bag she had just purchased for the sole intention of helping my mother.

Mum tried to pay her back but this very generous woman refused payment, saying she had not been asked to do this. The three women then put the shopping in this bag and escorted Mum home to First Avenue where they helped her unpack and made sure she was recovered from the ordeal and able to look after my invalid father before leaving.

On behalf of my parents and entire family, including two siblings and seven grandchildren, I would like to thank these three women for this act of kindness and consideration.

All too often, we hear of the bad in the world. We need reminding that there are decent and kind people as well. Thank you again to these women whoever you are.

Robert Potter

Monks Close,


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