Worth braving the wind for prom party

I JUST want to say a big thank-you to the organisers of the seafront jubilee party on Saturday.

We arrived at our pitch about 11.30am and spent a good 40 minutes just trying to put a tablecloth on our tables – in the end we had so many stones on our table trying to keep the cloth in place that the table buckled!

The marshals were thoroughly enjoying the spectacle! A bit later, we managed to move our pitch to behind some beach huts which made life a lot easier.

The atmosphere and fun of the day was well worth getting blown to bits for – I have never seen so many people in Worthing out and enjoying themselves – with masks, balloons bunting and other celebratory gear.

I did a quiz for our table, but ended up including seven other tables who enjoyed the challenge for the great prize of a small box of Roses chocolates.

After the fiasco of Worthing’s jubilee beacon lighting, it was refreshing to have the seafront party so well organised, so thanks again for a great day.

Linda Bagnall

Mill Road