Worth the visit

After my children saw pictures of the Littlehampton bench on the internet they have been very keen to visit and we drove over from Portsmouth recently to see it.

Our first sight of the bench was when we parked up (which cost us nothing, Portsmouth City Council take note). It is impressive from a distance and, despite the “no climbing” signs, proved irresistible to my children and to many others who were scrambling all over it having, it must be said, a lot of fun.

I know there have been dissenting voices locally; those who feel it’s a waste of money and the shelters offer little protection. This latter complaint is true but the former definitely not. I cannot be alone in making the effort to visit Littlehampton purely for the bench.

Sure, we also walked along the beach, enjoyed some chips by the river and played in the brilliant playpark on the seafront, but the main draw was the bench.

We’re planning another visit so we can explore more of the town – that is the power of having an attraction like this wonderful bench. Portsmouth has the similarly maligned Spinnaker Tower, but who’s to say people are not coming back for more once they have visited these iconic attractions.

Simon Evans,

Amberley Road,