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Your letters

In the article Looking Back, on January 22 about the paddle steamer The Worthing Belle, my husband, Phil Hayden, was referred to.

Phil died in February, 2007, and much of his time and interest had been taken up by research into his family tree, and in particular, his grandfather’s business interests.

Phil’s great grandfather, Henry Reid, had been Worthing’s first piermaster and is buried in Broadwater Cemetery. William Reid, originally from Aberdeen and from farming stock, moved his farm at the turn of the century by train to Fragbarrow Farm at Ditchling Common.

Then, he became owner of the Worthing Belle prior to the Great War. Ever the entrepreneur, he ran a printing press in Hove in later days.

Before we were married in the 1950s, we visited Henry and his wife when they lived with his daughter in Carshalton.

He lived well into his 90s, finally settling with his daughters and grandson, who also had a farm, at Edenbridge in Kent.

Perhaps you could let Tom Lee, of the paddlesteamer website, know of Phil’s death.

Margaret Hayden

Humphrys Road


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