Worthing High

The article published in last week’s Herald about Worthing High School in Special Measures, seemed, in my opinion, to give only one side of the report – the negative side.

What it didn’t state was the positive elements of the Ofsted Report, the high standards taking place in several subject areas and the good relationships between staff and students.

Prior to Ofsted’s visit, the leadership team had already identified areas of concern and steps were taken to make key senior appointments in English, maths and science.

Many of you know me in Worthing, as a former member of the leadership team of the school for many years who “says it as he sees it”.

I strongly believe that with the support in place, and another key appointment to the school either as head teacher or deputy head teacher, Worthing High School will be restored very quickly, as a “good” school, and to one I would be happy and confident to send my own children again.

Rhys Price

The Heights, Worthing

(Worthing High School teacher)