Worthing Post Office plans mean another loss to struggling town centre

It was very disappointing to hear of the plans by the privatised Post Office Ltd to close Worthing Crown Post Office and move the counter services to WHSmith, despite figures showing that through the hard work of Crown Post Office employees the National Crown Network is thriving and profitable.

Crown Post Offices are the large flagship offices in prominent high street locations directly owned and managed by the Post Office.

Worthing Post Office

Worthing Post Office

Typically, when they close these branches, Post Office Ltd reaches an agreement with a retailer, in this case WHSmith. While this retains some level of provision in the area this is often done in the face of opposition by the public, and with a reduction in services, accessibility and quality jobs.

While the privatised Post Office Ltd claims that the proposals are now subject to consultation, it also admits that ‘The change of management of the branch to one that is operated by a retail partner rather than the Post Office directly is a commercial decision for Post Office Ltd’ and it will not listen to any aspect of the change, casting doubt on the authenticity of the ‘consultation’ and claims to be a public service.

This short-sighted decision can only mean another loss to the residents of Worthing and to the already struggling town centre.

Cllr Mike Barrett

East Worthing & Shoreham Labour Party,

Cranworth Rd, Worthing


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