Wrong college site

WELL done Worthing Council, you have successfully put the final nail in the coffin for all the residents and surrounding areas of Worthing, I’m lost for words.

For all the residents of Worthing you may not be aware that the council have passed the application for Worthing College at the worst traffic grid lock area known to us all as the Grove Lodge roundabout (the old Aviva site).

I am bemused to think the council have not looked long term to the problems that this will bring to the current daily traffic tail-backs through to/from Findon/Sompting/Lancing/Brighton/Chichester, let alone the issues for our emergency services, and will affect every driver travelling in/out and around Worthing, including the rat runs.

After attending the meeting, we were informed there will be a new slip road to take the proposed two buses per hour to ferry the students from the station, along with new cycle lanes.

There will be no additional pedestrian crossings on Warren Road as the highways have estimated there will only be nine to 12 students who would use it every hour.

Not sure how that equates to the proposed 1,700 students that will be travelling from all directions using all the rat runs that are already congested.

There are also fewer than 300 parking spaces allocated for staff and students, so it seems the surrounding residences will also be effected.

No one is saying a new college for the said 1,700 students is not required, however, this is not the best site and the infrastructure will suffer along with two 150-year-old cedar trees that need to be cut down to make space for tennis.

Richard Simpson

South Farm Road