Wrong location

I write in connection with the report on page 6 of the Worthing Herald, on December 5, entitled “Permission granted for second micropub”.

Whilst I support the comments attributed to me, some were made by others.

Your reporter fails to state that there were in fact three speakers against the proposal: James Darragh, Councillor Bryan Turner and me.

It also fails to mention that a petition objecting to the proposal was also delivered to the planning committee.

The report put to the planning committee mentioned, incorrectly, that there are two restaurants nearby.

The Penang began as a takeaway and has been closed for over a year. Piccola Italia is not a restaurant, but a delicatessen.

Most of the shops in the rest of the parade are A1 and operate from 9am until 5.30pm.

The proposal sounds fine and fits into the development plan for the town, but this alone doesn’t justify the radical change of use from simple retail A1 to A4 ‘drinking establishment’.

It is simply in the wrong location.

Mr J F Percival

South Farm Road