You did us proud

WELL done, Worthing!

What a spectacular weekend on the seafront it turned out to be for Worthing Birdman 2012.

On Saturday, I, among thousands of people, sat or stood in glorious sunshine to be treated to an hour’s flying off the raised platform on the pier by the serious contenders trying to reach the elusive 100-metre distance and £10,000 prize.

On Sunday, they were there again, this time joined by the fun flyers in themed costumes jumping off the pier to raise money for their chosen charities.

The big screen on the beach and the commentators on the flying platform ensured we all got the most out of the day.

Many people who jumped admitted to being nervous, and rightly so as they were jumping from a height about the same as Tom Daley diving off the 10-metre board.

I absolutely love the way Worthing turns out for these sort of events.

This summer we have completely embraced the Olympics by overwhelmingly supporting the torch relay in atrocious weather and watching the thrilling achievements of the Olympians on the big screen in the town centre and joining in the national anthem to support our own gold medallists.

Sharon Clarke and her team on the Worthing Town Centre Initiative deserve our gratitude for their foresight in planning these events.

I am proud to be a Worthing resident.

Lois Watson

Haynes Road