Young person’s view

CHRIS Gould, after reading your letter in the comments page in last week’s Worthing Herald, I really have to question your comments from a young person’s point of view.

The aim of the Twenty is Plenty campaign is not to eliminate accidents, but it does much more than that – it saves lives!

Your point that Duncan Kay’s aim is to make car journeys more inconvenient is absolutely ridiculous!

It’s a fact, if you were to hit someone at 20mph you would just stop in time; only one per cent are killed.

It’s a fact, if you were to hit someone at 30mph the person would have serious injuries and seven per cent are killed.

That just proves it works. I think it is much more important to save lives and make Worthing a safer environment than worrying about having the “usefulness of your car limited”, which you previously said in your letter.

I am also a keen cyclist, and I struggle to understand why you would not support the Twenty is Plenty campaign. I am often left annoyed how inconsiderate speeding drivers treat cyclists. So I believe that the Twenty is Plenty campaign for Worthing making the residential roads calmer is a borough wide force for good!

I say let’s pull together and show our positive support to the campaign and think about the lives that can be saved and sign the petition!

Liam Mills

Youth mayor of Worthing

Sackville Road