Yule lights let-down

WE have attended many events held by charities in Sompting and Lancing, where sums collected were used for the benefit of the community.

Among our visits, we have enjoyed the various activities of the Lancing and Sompting Lions Club and other organisations.  

We are also fully aware of the contributions they have made, voluntary and financial, and are continuing to make to many local charities.  

However, it saddens me to read the letter from the president of Lancing and Sompting Lions Club that large sums of monies were given over a few years, to enhance the spirit of Christmas.  

Now we read that the parish council is arranging alternative lighting around the lamp-posts instead of using the frames for the lights because the posts are apparently unsafe.

Nevertheless, the council has given the assurance the lights will again be displayed when the new lamp-posts have been installed. 

Hope we will not be disappointed next year. In order to have disappointment, you have to have high expectations.

Dr Leon N. Roach-Lord

Sedbury Road