How Virgin Media customers can get the 10 channels they lost this week for free

How Virgin Media customers can get the 10 channels they lost this week for free
Virgin Media customers will no longer be able to access UKTV channels from Sunday July 22 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Millions of Virgin Media customers were left outraged over the weekend after losing access to 10 UKTV channels following a business dispute.

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But if you’re one of approximately four million Virgin subscribers affected, don’t throw away the remote just yet – you can get these lost channels back without paying a penny extra.

Why did you lose these channels?

Virgin pulled the plug on a number of channels including Dave and Gold after failing to settle a disagreement with UKTV on broadcasting rights in the last week.

Virgin blamed UKTV’s “inflated” fees, adding that UKTV refused to allow its shows to be aired on demand.

UKTV hit back by saying it could not accept the “drastic” price cut Virgin had put forward.

As a result of the dispute, Virgin TV customers were stripped of access to popular shows such as Top Gear, One Born Every Minute and Only Fools and Horses.

How to get your channels back

Although many people are unaware of this, all television sets manufactured after 2010 have a free-to-air service called Freeview built-in.

This gives you unlimited access to 85 channels – none of which you have to fork out extra for.

To access these channels, simply connect your TV to a working aerial and – hey presto! – you can tune your TV to pick up the channels included with your device.

Customers who don’t have Freeview, or those who own an older model, can also buy a one-off box for around £35.

The ten channels pulled were

  • Watch
  • Dave
  • Alibi
  • Really
  • Drama
  • Good Food
  • Home
  • Yesterday
  • Eden
  • Gold