VIDEO: Worthing One Stump Challenge

WORTHING Cricket Club took part in the Herald/Gazette One Stump Challenge this evening.

The challenge? One stump at the end of the wicket, one ball in hand at the other end and you just need to hit the stump. It sounds simple, but it is surprising how tough it really is.

Worthing took part in the One Stump Challenge

Worthing took part in the One Stump Challenge

The challenge takes place on a standard wicket, so a normal bowling length where bowlers can use their preferred action.

Anyone who successfully hits the stump will win a One Stump Challenge t-shirt, designed and sponsored by Pinnacle Sport & Leisure, which is based in South Farm Road, Worthing.

To find out how Worthing got on, click on the video above.

If you want to take part in the challenge, contact us on 01903 282399, email or tweet @Worthing_sport