FOOTBALL: Albion star Andrew Whing's weekly column (August 21)

THE Carling Cup draw against Manchester City is great for the club and, being a Aston Villa fan, I went to the Villa v City game on Sunday and did a bit of scouting.

City are a very good team, and their left-winger, Martin Petrov, is very quick. So, if I do play, I'll have to make sure I'm not chasing his heels.

It will obviously be a difficult game, but it's a great opportunity to play a Premier League team and, hopefully, for us to cause an upset.

It will be at Withdean, on a Tuesday, so, hopefully, the weather is bad to make it more of a leveller.

At the Villa game, I was sitting with my dad and uncle, and Gabriel Agbonlahor was having a bad game. I was saying to them 'get him off, he's useless'.

But he then went and scored a hat-trick in seven minutes, and, like a typical fan, I'm singing his praises, saying he should be man of the match.

I was on fire in shooting practice on Monday and the assistant-gaffer, Dean White, is calling me a training ground international.

I was banging the goals in, and he kept saying "why can't you flipping do that on a Saturday?"

I'm getting closer and a goal's coming — my last was in 2005 for Coventry and was the last one scored at their Highfield Road ground.

All my dad's mates in Birmingham keep putting money on me to score.

I keep telling them it's coming, but now, every time I go back home, I keep my head down because everyone is losing money on me.

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