Agreement reached for Rebels to move forward

Woodside Road
Woodside Road

WORTHING Football Club have this evening released a club statement to say that an agreement has been reached between parties for the club to move forward.

Rebels have been in talks with a number of parties since a meeting in November when they revealed they have to find £6,000 just to open their doors each month. It was also announced at the time that the playing budget had been halved and that has since gone completely.

However, Rebels’ statement tonight says there will be a fresh start and new era for the club, while also maintaining the club’s history and tradition.

The club statement reads: “Following the announcement of Worthing FC’s difficulties of this winter, the club has been in positive discussions with a number of parties looking to secure and develop the future of football in the town.

“It has been necessary for obvious reasons to keep details of these meetings undisclosed until substantial progress has been made, while at the same time keeping all those involved in the club: supporters, sponsors, players, coaches, volunteers, informed as much as possible.

“Inevitably and unavoidably, there has been some speculation and rumour growing up around this process, but we are at a point now where we can share that agreement between parties has been reached for a way forward for the club and Woodside Road as a central part of the sporting community in Worthing.

“This will represent a fresh start and new era, but will also maintain the history and tradition of Worthing Football Club as it heads towards its 130th year.

“We still have processes to go through in order for everything to be settled finally, but we are progressing these as quickly as we are obliged to do, and further information will be given as each stage is achieved.”