Alan and Woody both leave Rebels

Alan Mansfield
Alan Mansfield

A week without a game has still proved a busy one at Worthing Football Club with stalwarts Alan Mansfield and Glen Woodburn two casualties amid comings and goings.

Goalkeeper Mansfield and centre-back Woodburn, who rejoined Rebels in the 2011-12 season after short spells at Whitehawk and Horsham YMCArespectively, have left the club after the playing budget was addressed, although not changed, last week.

Woodburn has joined Ryman League Division 1 South rivals Horsham and played for them on Tuesday – but Worthing have refuted their exits have come due to budget cuts, instead suggesting, in an online statement, there had previously been overspending – something former boss Chris White has strenuously denied.

Coaches Jon Meeney and Mick Fogden have also the club, but their departures have been offset by the addition of former St Francis manager Kieran Collins joining Lee Brace at the helm, along with the appointment of new coach Dan Aguilera.

On the last week’s goings on, Brace said: “On Thursday, the plan was to sit down and talk to all the players, I spoke to pretty much all of them bar a couple, who weren’t there and explained the situation.

“We explained about the current budget and how far it was exceeded. Basically, it didn’t match up and I wanted to let the players know the score.

“It’s been said I have released people, but I haven’t released anyone. I explained the situation behind the scenes and asked all the players to go away, think about their position and what the future held for them.

“We have lost just two players since, Glen Woodburn and Alan Mansfield. Both great players and great ambassadors for the club and we wish them the very, very best. We would have kept them if we could have.”

Former manager White has denied any suggestions that he overspent during his reign, that any players were under-paid and any promises were not kept.

He said: “I am not happy it’s being suggested I overspent at the club. I had the same base budget I believe the manager has now, and I did whatever every manager does, a bit of wheeling and dealing to get a few extras to top that up.

“All the players got every penny I said they would when I was there and to suggest otherwise is unprofessional, unfair and untrue.”

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