All change at United as Tobi’s left in sole charge

TOBI Hutchinson has been left in sole charge at Worthing United Football Club after Dave Shearing felt he could no longer work with his former joint manager.

The duo took over at United in the summer but after last Tuesday’s defeat at division-lower Littlehampton in the Sussex Senior Cup, Shearing told United chairman Glenn Houchen that he no longer wanted to work with Hutchinson.

United then held an emergency meeting and planned another meeting for Saturday morning, which Hutchinson and Shearing were both asked to attend.

Houchen said: “After Tuesday’s result at Littlehampton there were some words said to the effect that the managers and the board needed to have a discussion.

“I invited Dave and Tobi to a meeting on Saturday morning, a meeting that Dave felt unable to attend, therefore leaving his position as joint manager. The details of the discussion don’t need to be aired in public in my view, and what’s happened has happened.”

Shearing said: “I didn’t want to work with Tobi any more, so the club had the choice between two people who they wanted as manager and they chose Tobi.

“I didn’t want to leave, 100 per cent I wanted to stay, but I just didn’t want to work with him.

“There was a difference between us. He wants to scream and shout, whereas I’m more laid-back.

“The club kept wanting to have meetings and discussions but I didn’t want to, I didn’t see the point, it was him or me and now I’m not there. I’m very disappointed but I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

“I thought that I’d be the right manager for them and they didn’t. One of us had to go and they decided it would be me. It wasn’t my choice to leave.”

Hutchinson said: “It was coming to a head to be honest, and Tuesday was the final straw.

“When I agreed to do the job alongside Dave in the summer we clearly set out what each of us was going to do, but recently Dave has wanted to do some of the things we agreed I’d have sole charge over.

“It’s great to be given the opportunity to manage the club, though, and I feel really positive about it.”

Hutchinson’s brother, Ben, has taken the assistant manager’s job and Reece Head has joined the team as coach.

Goalkeeper Mark Oldroyd appears to have left the club, along with midfielder Simon Catt, but the rest of the squad have decided to stay.