Arundel buoyed by flooding response

Arundel Football Club's chairman's daughter Charlotte Marchant
Arundel Football Club's chairman's daughter Charlotte Marchant

ARUNDEL Football Club have had an excellent response already in their appeal to secure the future of the 125-year-old club.

Intense and persistent flooding over the past two months has left the club in dire straits.

Charlotte Marchant, daughter of Mullets chairman, Bob, last week launched a campaign to secure financial help for the club.

The flooding has now virtually receded, but damage from the salt water has left the Mill Road pitch requiring to be relaid, which is likely to cost £20,000.

Combine this with the loss of gate receipts, floodlight repairs and the fact Mullets are unlikely to play at home this season, the club voiced major concerns for their future.

But Charlotte, 19, has been buoyed by the local support the club has received in the last week, with around £3,000 already donated.

She said: “There has been quite a big response. Through Facebook we have raised over a thousand, which is really good, but that’s without what my dad has been handed in person with cheques and things.

“I think, in total, we are up to about £3,000, so I am really chuffed. It has been really good and I did not expect it to progress so quickly or as fast as it did.”

Charlotte set up a Facebook group called “Arundel Football Club needs local business and community support” which has gained more than 550 likes and been well supported.

Their plight has also gained interest from national news and television reports have been filmed at the club.

Charlotte said: “I have been going around with charity buckets and we still have the events to come, so without doing anything yet we have made a good start.

“The main cost will be doing the pitch, which will be about £20,000, but I am really pleased so far as it has only been about a week.

“I’d just like to thank everyone that has helped and donated, it really means a lot to us all.”

The pitch, which was first flooded at the start of January, is on the River Adur flood plain and when the river burst it banks, the flood gates were opened to take flooding risk away from the town.

The club are holding a free-entry race night event at the club on Saturday, March 22, from 7pm. The Eagle pub in the town is also supporting the club by holding a rock and roll bingo night on Sunday, March 9, from 7pm.

Anyone interested in attending or helping out, can get in contact through the Facebook page or via the club.

Arundel’s home match with St Francis Rangers on Saturday will be played at Clymping. Kick-off is 2pm.