Graham Potter's perfect response to Chelsea as European Super League crumbles

Brighton boss Graham Potter said Chelsea’s decision withdraw from the European Super League was “fantastic news”.

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 8:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 8:20 pm
Graham Potter and Brighton were delayed at Stamford Bridge due to the protests on the European Super League

Brighton and 13 other Premier League clubs “unanimously and vigorously” rejected plans for a breakaway Super League involving England’s so-called ‘Big Six’ clubs.

Speaking ahead of Brighton Premier League clash at Chelsea, Potter said, “We’re very pleased. We feel it stands against everything we know as football.

"It would be wrong to create something where there is no threat of relegation and you want the chance to compete to play in Europe.

“If we are in a place where it is stopping, that is fantastic news. Sometimes a fan can be thought of as a consumer and we are in danger if that is the case.”

The Seagulls’ coach was delayed by the mass protests outside the ground.

Potter added: “Credit to the fans for making their case, and the quicker we get back to playing for points the better. We were a little bit delayed but the supporters are the most important thing.”

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham were widely condemned by the football authorities in England, plus UEFA and FIFA, as well as by the British Government, and have sparked widespread supporter protests.

Fans gathered in large numbers ahead of Tuesday night’s Premier League match against Brighton to voice their anger at the proposed competition and their club’s planned involvement.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said: "I don't know anything, I spent the last 45 minutes on the bus waiting to come to the stadium. I know I am in a super competitive club and I trust the club.

"It is all about competition and this what everyone feels watching our team. We were giving everything in the UCL, the FA Cup, we left our heart and soul on the pitch. I am not aware of any of the politics. I don't know enough and I trust the club they take decisions in the consideration we embrace competitive sport.

"It is annoying and frustrating. From Monday we wanted to build the momentum and atmosphere and being ready. It was not our fault but we have to accept we are a bit distracted and now we will see."