Will a wounded Tottenham Hotspur be good or bad for Brighton and Hove Albion?

Is there ever a good time to play Spurs?

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 11:34 am
Tottenham Hotspur will have to pick themselves up after their 7-2 home loss to Bayern Munich

Well, clearly in the wake of their Champions League humiliation at home to Bayern Munich on Tuesday, Tottenham will arrive at the Amex this Saturday with both their manager and squad under huge scrutiny and pressure. Can the Albion capitalise on this? Hopefully yes, clearly this could be viewed as a stroke of good fortune, at last, for the Albion, then again at some point Spurs are going to bounce back. Prediction? A welcome three points for the Albion, with a hard fought 1-0 win.

Further afield, whilst I understand awarding international sporting events to territories that haven’t had them before helps to expand the reach, did the IAAF actually do their homework before awarding the World Athletics Championships to Doha?

Day after day an empty stadium must be a source of huge embarrassment to the athletics organisation, and to a degree takes away some of the shine from the athletes achievements.

In 20 years time will one of the Gold medal winners lament, that on the greatest day of their careers the stadium was virtually empty?

I get that the people in power in the Desert States want to be part of the World Sporting Family, but another case in point, after a challenging year, I wanted to take Harty Junior and myself to the Ruiz/Joshua rematch in Saudi on December 7.

At the time of going to press, there is no ticket information forthcoming, however in order to apply for a visa for this event you have to provide the Saudi embassy with proof of a flight, a hotel reservation and fight ticket.

I’ve abandoned the idea regardless of what happens, but don’t rule out Cardiff ending up the venue with the roof closed with those kind of obstacles in the way. Either that or we will have the farcical situation of a world heavyweight title with hardly anyone there? And a World Cup in Qatar in two years time!