Councillor can see the benefits of 3G

How Worthing FC's pitch might look with a 3G artificial surface. Below: Councillor Bryan Turner
How Worthing FC's pitch might look with a 3G artificial surface. Below: Councillor Bryan Turner

COUNCILLOR Bryan Turner can see the benefits that a new 3G pitch at Woodside Road could offer the town and community.

Worthing Football Club unveiled plans for a new state-of-the-art surface last week in a project that will cost more than £300,000.

The club have submitted a planing application to Worthing Borough Council and hope to have the all-weather pitch installed as early as next season.

Rebels have highlighted in their proposals that the pitch will be available to colleges and schools as well as the wider community and other clubs.

They hope it will turn the club into a busy hub of social activity as well as benefiting young and old sportsmen alike.

Cabinet minister for regeneration, Cllr Turner, who despite insisting on remaining impartial in case he was selected on the planning community, did suggest that the town is in dire need of all-weather pitches.

He said: “I can’t really say a big yes or no for or against it from the position I am in, but it will be interesting to see what the residents think on it.

“I know there is a lot of pressure on sport facilities over pitches that the council own and for football clubs especially, we have not got enough for all of them.

“They have had to cut the season short sometimes before, due to shared pitches when the cricket comes in.

“We have looked at ways to bring 3G or 4G into Worthing before and now we have got one suggested without council funding.

“I can see the club logic as, as well as serving them, it could provide a good revenue scheme as well, but we have to see what local residents think.”

On whether he could see clear benefits to the community of the new all-weather surface, Cllr Turner added: “I can, but we have to take the wider view and have to gauge all the opinions.”

Another project in the town for 3G is set to start at Worthing Leisure in the next couple of months, with the installation of a £450,000 surface providing small-sided pitches.

Cllr Turner added: “There is, at the moment, the plan at the Leisure Centre which will give the opportunity to get teams together and get them training, but it can only accommodate so many.”

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